Linklite Basket
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Linklite Basket

Product Code: 22/0120-h

Frequently referred to by the rail industry as the Linklite 'basket', this heavy duty steel mesh base holds the Linklite mast firmly in place with just the right amount of tolerance. Positioned on relatively level ground surfaces and weighted down with sand bags for extra stability, the light head, mast and base combined are able to withstand high wind speeds from fast trains travelling within close proximity

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Features and Benefits
  • A wide spread, easy to store and transport, folding base basket for taking on ballast (e.g. Sandbags) to securely weigh down the light at the base.
Length 510mm
Product Model Elite
Weight 5.8kg
Width 460mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Height Length Product Model Weight Width Height Max Price
Linklite Ground Spike 495mm 335mm Elite 2kg 40mm N/A

£2.97 / week

Linklite Basket N/A 510mm Elite 5.8kg 460mm N/A

£5.17 / week

Linklite Adjustable Mast 1.8m N/A LLM3M 1.95kg N/A 2.83m

£2.97 / week

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