Quad Pod Lighting Tower 5M

Quad Pod Lighting Tower 5M

Product Code: 22/0222-h

The Quad Pod is a high power mobile outdoor floodlighting solution specifically designed for a wide range of applications. With two power options, the lighting unit can be operated with either an AC mains power supply, petrol or generator. The Quad Pod is portable and is fitted to two pneumatic wheels providing maximum stability, handling and durability.

Innovation Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • Integrated manual winch with automatic brake
  • Built in level gauge
  • Low power consumption 800w
  • Unique parallel mast design. Low centre of gravity for ease of handling without needing to remove the light heads
  • High output LED light heads

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Weight 165kg
Model Quad Pod K50
Height 5m
Width 0.237m
Decibel Reading: dB[A] -
Fuel Tank Capacity -
Running Time -
Area Coverage_min Lux of 20 3000m²
Power Output 12,960 lumens per head
Length 0.237m
Mast Height 5m
Weight Dry 165kg
Technical Specification Metal Halide

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