Diaphragm Pump Petrol 50mm (2in)

Diaphragm Pump Petrol 50mm (2in)

Product Code: 23/0100-h

A medium-duty, dependable 50mm petrol diaphragm pump. Will pump all day with or without water passing through the system, needing minimum attention. Maximum suction 6m.

Weight 45kg
Model 155
Decibel Reading dB[A] 103
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.5ltr
Max Head 18m
Pumping Capacity 2500 gal/hr
Starting Recoil
Max Solids 20mm
Max Suction 6m
Fuel Petrol
Pump Size [inches[mm]] 2 (50)
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Decibel Reading dB[A] Fuel Tank Capacity Max Head Pumping Capacity Fuel Consumption Starting Max Solids Max Suction Fuel Pump Size [inches[mm]] Price
Diaphragm Pump Diesel 75mm (3in) 165kg 78 5.5ltr 20m 5000gal/hr 0.3ltr / hr Electric 40mm 7m Diesel 3 (75)

Diaphragm Pump Petrol 50mm (2in) 45kg 103 2.5ltr 18m 2500 gal/hr N/A Recoil 20mm 6m Petrol 2 (50)

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