CAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool

CAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool

Product Code: 24/0038-h

The C.A.T4+ digital platform delivers highly refined locate capabilities, specifically designed to help the operator find more buried utilities. The C.A.T4+ Avoidance Mode lets the operator check an intended excavation area for Power, Radio and Genny signals, and pinpoint located utilities in a single scan. Features such as the bargraph ‘tidemark’ enable an operator to quickly spot a peak response and zero-in on a buried conductor.

Model CAT4+
Strike Alert Function Yes
Sensitivity Manual
Network Rail Approved Yes
Datalogging Yes
Bluetooth No
Integrated GPS Location No
Display LCD
Keypad Electronic
Direction Compass No
Number of Frequencies 4
Line Depth 2m
Sonde depth 7m
Service Reminder Yes
Diagnostic Check Yes with laptop connection
Peak Hold Yes
Default Mode Last mode used
Signal Strength Indicator Yes
Current Measurement No
User Initiated Countdown Timer No

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