Hilti Ferroscan PS250

Hilti Ferroscan PS250

Product Code: 24/0070-h

An easy-to-use portable system for detecting the position and diameter of reinforcement in concrete and measuring depth of cover. This system consists of scanner, monitor and PC-based software. Displayed on the portable monitor unit, 2D images of the reinforcement allows analysis and depth cover assessment.

Features and Benefits
  • Scans large areas of concrete quick and easily
  • records scan data automatically over lengths up to 30m
  • Accurate depth measurement upto 100mm

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Weight 1.4kg
Model 377639
Height 152mm
Depth 57mm
Width 264mm
Battery Capacity 8-10hrs
Operating Temperature Range 10-50ºc
Max Detection Range 160mm
Localisation Accuracy 3mm²
Accuracy of Depth Indication +1mm
Max depth for determining depth of coverage at 36mm rebar diameter 160mm
Rebar diameter range 6-36mm
Data Memory Yes

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