Hilti PS250 Ferroscan Detection System 1Kg

Hilti PS250 Ferroscan Detection System 1Kg

Product Code: 24/0070-h

Hilti Ferroscan Detection System is designed to find and estimate the size of rebar in concrete structures, and provide accurately the depth of concrete cover.It’s a non-destructive way to carry out a structural inspection.It can measure large areas and long scan lines, which is particularly useful for scanning concrete slabs, beams, bridges and tunnels. You can easily see scan results in 2D and 3D on the Ferroscan system’s high-resolution colour touch tablet.

Features and Benefits
  • Wide sensor area enables quick and easy scan over large areas
  • Smart algorithm provides accurate depth measurements for rebar
  • Imagescan mode provides reliable rebar size estimation for structural analysis
  • Provides rebar layout visuals in 2D or 3D format on the monitor for on-the-spot structural analysis
  • Records scan data automatically for documentation and structural analysis

Downloadable Resources

Battery Life: Hrs 9
Data Memory 9 scans + 30 QSR
Height: mm 132
Length: mm 260
Localisation Accuracy: mm² 3
Max. Detection Range: mm 180
Operating Temperature: °C -10 to +50
Product Brand Hilti
Product Model PS 250
Rebar Size: mm 36
Weight: kg 1
Width: mm 132

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