DD220 Smart Cable Locator

DD220 Smart Cable Locator

Product Code: 24/2038-h

The new Leica DD220 is an easy to use, intuitive locator simplifying the detection of buried utilities and increasing user confidence . With automated pinpointing technology and a clear visible display, the DD220 discovers buried utilities with confidence, even in densely packed areas. On-board video support, usage alerts and diagnostics, combine to improve product use and, protect operators and utilities.

New Product

Features and Benefits
  • Automatic pinpointing
  • Fully integrated data logging
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fully integrated GPS technology
  • Depth estimation
Resource Efficient
Products which are designed better and therefore use less material, or have a high % of recycled content, over and above what would generally be expected. This category would also cover end of life re-use.
Waste Reduction
Products which reduce waste on-site and therefore reduce waste to landfill from construction sites.
Weight 27kg
Model DD220 Smart Cable Locator
Strike Alert Function Yes
Sensitivity Automatic
Network Rail Approved Yes
Datalogging Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Integrated GPS Location Yes
Display Large Colour
Keypad Electronic
Direction Compass No
Number of Frequencies 3
Line Depth 5m
Sonde depth 7m
Service Reminder Yes
Diagnostic Check Yes
Peak Hold Yes
Default Mode Optional (Power mode std)
Signal Strength Indicator Yes
Current Measurement No
User Initiated Countdown Timer Yes
GO Resource Efficiency Yes
GO Waste Reduction and End of Life Benefits Yes
Protection Class IP66
Onboard Video Tutorials Yes
Swing Alert Yes
Online Calibration Check Yes
Digital Spray Mark Yes
USB Port Yes
Auto sync SMART phone app data transfer Yes

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