Leica Viva GS15 GNSS Smartrover

Leica Viva GS15 GNSS Smartrover

Product Code: 24/4565-h

From completely integrated to totally modular, the Leica Viva GS15 offers you the flexibility to choose which wireless communication device best meets your needs now and in the future. These devices are supported by intenna technology - a fully-integrated antenna concept. This smart antenna adjusts to any environment and delivers the most accurate results. Eliminate downtime and work as you want with the ability to switch out batteries without powering down. Providing twice the operation time, the Leica Viva GS15’s dual battery option, integrated antenna and exchangeable communication devices are the best elements for a completely versatile GNSS system.

Internal Data Storage Removable SD card 1GB
IP Ratings IP67
Operating Temperature - 40 to + 65deg
Phase ID 3
Product Model 771503

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