GS18 T LTE Unlimited GNSS SmartAntenna. Geodetic 555

GS18 T LTE Unlimited GNSS SmartAntenna. Geodetic 555

Product Code: 24/4567-h

The Leica GS18 T-GNSS RTK Rover system is designed with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), this system enables surveyors to capture accurate positioning data.

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Features and Benefits
  • Field Controller and Software - Leica CS20 field controller, Leica CS35 tablet
  • Tilt Compensation - Increased measurement productivity and traceability and calibration-free
  • RTKplus - Intelligent management of multi-frequency, multi-constellation and 555 channels
  • Smartcheck - Unique RTK technology provides continuous checks to guarantee correct results and Initialisation within seconds
  • Ergonomics - Integrated 4G mobile phone, UHF radio RTK devices
  • Time for Initialisation - 4 seconds

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