EziCAT i650xf Cable Avoidance Tool

EziCAT i650xf Cable Avoidance Tool

Product Code: 24/5152-h

The EZiCAT i650 is ideal to use before any excavation work to avoid striking a buried utility, especially if you need an estimation of the depth of a utility. This locator will increase your on-site safety, save you time, through the unique 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature, and save you money by reducing cable strikes

Green Option

Weight 2.7kg
Model EziCAT i650xf
Capacity 80 hours of data
Strike Alert Function Yes
Sensitivity Default Max
Network Rail Approved Yes
Battery Life 40 hours
Datalogging Yes
Memory 32Mb
Bluetooth Yes
Integrated GPS Location No
Display LCD
Keypad Electronic
Direction Compass No
Number of Frequencies 4
Line Depth 3m
Sonde depth 9.9m
Service Reminder Yes
Diagnostic Check Yes
Peak Hold Yes
Default Mode Last mode used
Signal Strength Indicator Yes
Current Measurement Yes
User Initiated Countdown Timer Yes
GO Resource Efficiency Yes
GO Waste Reduction and End of Life Benefits Yes

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