Safety Harness Female

Safety Harness Female

Product Code: 25/2519-h

Designed for females, the harness offers good support around the hips and the design negates the need for a chest support.

Features and Benefits
  • The FBH 5 is designed to support the body and distribute the forces to prevent serious injury and keep the worker in a safe position ready for rescue in the event of a fall. Certified fall arrest points are clearly marked with an A.
Weight 1.35kg
Safe Working Load 150kg
Capacity 150kg
Attachment Points 3
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Capacity Maximum Force Attachment Points Price
Safety Harness Standard 1.2kg 150kg 150kg 6kN 2

Safety Harness XL N/A N/A 150kg N/A 2

Safety Harness Female 1.35kg 150kg 150kg N/A 3

Safety Harness Supine 2.5kg Single person use max 150kg 150kg N/A 2

Safety Harness c/w Life Jacket N/A N/A 150kg N/A 2

Safety Harness Hi-Vis N/A N/A 150kg N/A 2

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