Safety Harness Standard

Safety Harness Standard

Product Code: 25/2560-h

Designed to support the body and distribute the forces to prevent serious injury and keep the worker in a safe position ready for rescue in the event of a fall.

Intelligent safety

Features and Benefits
  • Easy to don. Lightweight. Carbon steel fittings black powder coated. Stainless or composite fitting options. Two colour body to leg webbing. Contrast colour stitch for easy inspection. Shock absorbing rear dorsal .
Weight 1.2kg
Safe Working Load 150kg
Model PBH02
Capacity 150kg
Maximum Force 6kN
Attachment Points 2
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Capacity Maximum Force Attachment Points Price
Safety Harness Standard 1.2kg 150kg 150kg 6kN 2

Safety Harness XL N/A N/A 150kg N/A 2

Safety Harness Female 1.35kg 150kg 150kg N/A 3

Safety Harness Supine 2.5kg Single person use max 150kg 150kg N/A 2

Safety Harness c/w Life Jacket N/A N/A 150kg N/A 2

Safety Harness Hi-Vis N/A N/A 150kg N/A 2

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