Hex- Anchor Mobile Anchor System

Hex- Anchor Mobile Anchor System

Product Code: 25/7220-h

The HEX-ANCHOR System is ideal solution for a versatile single tie-off point when pentrrating the substrate is not an option. Its 3-piece 'spine' makes it easy to transport and assemble, and allows for the anchor.

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Features and Benefits
  • Dimension/footprint: Length: 1.99m(78"). Width: 1.54m (60.5"). Height: 21cm (8.1")
  • Angel anchor weight 312kg (690lbs)
  • Surface pitch compatible for use on surfaces with pitches with up to 5°
  • Number of users: maximum of 1 person per HEX-ANCHOR, maximum of two user per HEX-ANCHOR HLL system
  • Materials: yellow zinc passivated steel
  • Captive detent pins: the detent pins are captivated to help prevent loss at the jobsite
  • Removable weights: 22kg (48lbs) each
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg (220lbs) including equipment
Capacity 100kg (220lbs including equipment)
Foot Print 1.99x1.45m
No of Users 1
Product Model MAS-AA/MAS-SST
Weight 312kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Capacity Foot Print No of Users Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Price
Mobile Man Anchor 100kg 1.42x1.42m 1 MMA 1 User In Fall Arrest / 2 Users In Restraint 300kg

£154.00 / week

Hex- Anchor Mobile Anchor System 100kg (220lbs including equipment) 1.99x1.45m 1 MAS-AA/MAS-SST N/A 312kg

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