Bridge Beam - 3.1m

Bridge Beam - 3.1m

Product Code: 26/3355-h

Aluminium beams which link two BoSS aluminium access towers to provide large uninterrupted safe working area or bridge over obstacles. Available in three lengths 1.9m, 2.5m or 3.1m and can be used with BoSS 1.8m or 2.5m deck length, single or double width towers.

Features and Benefits
  • Aluminium bridge beam with BoSS bracelocks for fast safe bridge between towers
Height 447mm
Length 3.1m
Product Model 327513
Weight 9.87kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Height Length Product Model Weight Price
Bridge Beam - 3.1m 447mm 3.1m 327513 9.87kg

Bridge Beam - 1.9m 447mm 1.9m 325513 7.25kg

Bridge Beam - 2.5m 447mm 2.5m 326513 8.4kg

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