One Man Mi Tower (4m)

One Man Mi Tower (4m)

Product Code: 26/3511-h

The Mi-Tower One Man is the world's first one-man compact tower. The unique deisgn allows one user to easily transport, erect and dismantle the tower safely and efficiently. The Mi-Tower is available with working heights of 4m, 5m and 6m, ensuring a wide range of working at height appplications can be effectively performed.

Intelligent safety

Features and Benefits
  • EN1004 compliant
  • One person operation
  • Flexible and light weight
Weight 77kg
Working Height 4m
Height 4m
Platform Height 2m
Platform Size 1.021m x 0.610m
Overall Width 728mm
Overall Length 1170mm
Overall Height 3m
Length 1.17m
Platform Length 1021mm
Platform Width 610mm
Stabiliser Footprint 2.8m(l) x 2.4m(w)
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Working Height Height Platform Height Platform Size Overall Width Overall Length Overall Height Length Platform Length Platform Width Stabiliser Footprint Price
One Man Mi Tower (4m) 77kg 4m 4m 2m 1.021m x 0.610m 728mm 1170mm 3m 1.17m 1021mm 610mm 2.8m(l) x 2.4m(w)

Mi-Tower One Man (5m) 99kg 5m N/A 3m N/A 728mm 1170mm 4m N/A 1021mm 610mm 2.8m(l) x 2.4m(w)

Mi-Tower One Man (4m) 110kg 6m N/A 4m N/A 728mm 1170mm 5m N/A 1021mm 610mm 2.8m(l) x 2.4m(w)

Mi-Tower Secure - 4-6m Working Height 110kg 4m - 6m N/A 2m - 4m N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

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