Bunded Fuel Bowser 950ltr

Bunded Fuel Bowser 950ltr

Product Code: 27/0073-h

Abbi Highway tow trailer mounted. UN approved. Rear support leg for greater stability when unit uncoupled. Height adjustable jockey wheel and ball/eye coupling. Tank mechanically removable from trailer for multiple uses.

Model H210A/K2
Capacity 950ltr
Weight Unladen 525kg
Weight Laden 1500kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Capacity Weight Unladen Weight Laden Environmental Information Price
Bunded Fuel Bowser 950ltr 950ltr 525kg 1500kg N/A

Bunded Fuel Bowser 2000ltr 1929ltr 1200kg 2900kg 110% bund for environmental compliance with Pollution Prevention Guidelines for fuel storage. Galvanised framework around tank reduces amount of packaging required to protect tank during shipping.

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