Cembre LD1P Petrol Rail Drill

Cembre LD1P Petrol Rail Drill

Product Code: 35/0105-h

The LD1P has been specifically designed for use in a railway applications, to provide a consistent and accurate hole, in all weather conditions. Easy and quick to use

London Underground approved

Cutter fitting 13 - 32mm
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 130
Drilling Capacity: mm 33mm
Drilling Depth 50mm (max)
Drilling Range 7 - 32mm
Power Output 1kW @ 7000rpm
Power Rating 1.4kW @ 6500rpm
Product Model LD-1P
Vibration Reading: m\s² 2.5
Weight 19kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Cutter fitting Decibel Reading: dB[A] Drilling Capacity: mm Drilling Depth Drilling Range Power Output Power Rating Product Model Vibration Reading: m\s² Weight Price
Cembre LD1P Petrol Rail Drill 13 - 32mm 130 33mm 50mm (max) 7 - 32mm 1kW @ 7000rpm 1.4kW @ 6500rpm LD-1P 2.5 19kg

Cembre LD2EN Electric Rail Drill N/A 85.8 N/A 50mm 7 - 32mm N/A 1800w LD-2E-110v 2.5 17kg

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