Cembre 12mm bushing tool

Cembre 12mm bushing tool

Product Code: 35/0750-h

Suitable for installing rail web electrical connection system having M12 bolt. Easy to use, light weight and robust.

Force 55kN crimping force
Product Model HTEPE-DET-12
Pump Body 600bar
Redundant Yes
Weight 3.8kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Product Model Pump Body Voltage: V Weight Force Redundant Price
18V Cordless Hydraulic Bushing Tool BTEPE2-DET-12 600bar 14.4 5kg N/A N/A

Cembre 12mm bushing tool HTEPE-DET-12 600bar N/A 3.8kg 55kN crimping force Yes

Cembre 16mm bushing tool HTEPE-DET-16 600bar N/A 3.8kg 55kN crimping force Yes

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