Type B - Insulated

Type B - Insulated

Product Code: 35/1496-h

Each trolley is equipped with a fail-safe braking system and is supplied with detachable brake and push handle. The trolley is manually propelled, and has a stand-alone loadbearing rolling platform for use on-track. The Type B trolley has been designed to be split into 2 halves to aid handling and transporting to and from site.

London Underground approved

Weight 138kg
Safe Working Load 1t
Height 0.34m
Width 1.8m
Length 1.94m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Height Width Length Price
Permaquip Type B Rail Trolley 138kg 1t 0.34m 1.8m 1.94m

Type B - Insulated 138kg 1t 0.34m 1.8m 1.94m

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