Link Rail Trolley

Link Rail Trolley

Product Code: 35/1515-h

The link rail trolley is designed to be a manually propelled, stand-alone, load-bearing rolling platform for use on-track and is equipped with a fail-safe braking system and is supplied with detachable Brake and Push Handles.

Features and Benefits
  • Detachable break and push handle
  • Fail-safe braking system
  • Stackable
Height: mm 850: [Handrail], 218: [ Platform]
Length: mm 800
Safe Working Load: Kg 1,000
Weight: kg 50
Width: mm 1,670
Product Comparison
Product Name Height: mm Length: mm Safe Working Load: Kg Weight: kg Width: mm Price
Link Rail Trolley 850: [Handrail], 218: [ Platform] 800 1,000 50 1,670

Link Trolley Lul Spec - Insulated 850: [Handrail], 218: [ Platform] 750 1,000 48 1,675

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