Robel 62.20L Battery Powered Tamper 30.1Kg

Robel 62.20L Battery Powered Tamper 30.1Kg

Product Code: 35/1641-h

The Robel 62.20L battery powered vertical tamper is designed to correct the track level beneath steel, concrete and wooden sleepers.

Cordless product Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • Minimum hand-arm vibration thanks to patented 2-level vibration decoupling
  • Relief of the operator due to low weight of the machine
Battery Capacity: Ah 12.9
Height: mm 1,080
Length: mm 410
Output Power: W 2,000
Product Brand Plasser
Product Model 62.20L
Voltage: V 43
Weight: kg 30.1
Width: mm 510
Product Comparison
Product Name Engine Power: kW Engine: Fuel Type: Full Load Speed: RPM Height: mm Length: mm Product Brand Product Model Weight: kg Width: mm Battery Capacity: Ah Output Power: W Voltage: V Price
Robel RoTamp P4 Light Vertical Tamper Petrol 19.9Kg 1.5 Dolmar Petrol 7,500 1,200 410 Robel 62.05 19.9 510 N/A N/A N/A

Robel 62.20L Battery Powered Tamper 30.1Kg N/A N/A N/A N/A 1,080 410 Plasser 62.20L 30.1 510 12.9 2,000 43

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