Solar Generator 5kVA

Solar Generator 5kVA

Product Code: 41/2010-h

The powerful, intelligent and flexible 5kVA Hybrid Generator is designed for a wide range of temporary power applications. The unit is proven to save users thousands of litres of fuel when connected to diesel generators and provide fuel-free, fume-free and silent delivery when linked to renewable sources. Connects to any diesel generator and/or Solar PV Prevents large generators running to support small overnight loads such as CCTV, avaiation or perimeter lighting. Timer function automatically controls stop/start of the diesel generator and manages low loads with silent power from internal battery storage. Alternatively, recharge using portable Solar PV arrays to provide completely off-grid power. Ideal for use in isolated, noise sensitive areas or where regular access is limited. Reduced generator runtime delivers fuel, noise, carbon, NOx and PM savings.

Intelligent safety Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • Completely silent
  • 12 hours autonomy (at 1.5kw)
  • Timer functionality
  • Auto start/stop of diesel generator
  • Carbon, fuel, energy and noise reduction site reporting
  • IP54 rated
  • Backup or stand-alone operation
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • One piece lift canopy
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Remote generator start

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AC Output Current 21A
AC Output Voltage 56A
Battery Capacity 12kWh
Charging Time Hours 8.5 hours
Connects to Diesel Generator kVA Any (Up to 32A passthrough)
Continuous Power Output 4.5kVA
Earth Fault Protection 32a 30mA RCBO
GO Carbon Saving 2.29
GO Cost Saving £0.78
GO Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Yes
GO Energy Saving 20%
GO Noise Reduction Yes
GO Nuisance Avoidance Yes
GO Pollution Prevention and Control Yes
GO Resource Efficiency Yes
Height 1.25m
Length 1.48m
Peak Power Output 5kVA
Power Output 5kVA
Power Output Connection 1 x 32A/1ph Plug and Socket
Product Model CYGNUS 2
Standby Power Consumption 2.2w
Voltage Out 230V AC
Weight 680kg
Width 0.898m
Product Comparison
Product Name AC Output Current Battery Capacity Charging Time Hours Connects to Diesel Generator kVA Continuous Power Output Earth Fault Protection GO Noise Reduction GO Nuisance Avoidance GO Pollution Prevention and Control Height Length Peak Power Output Power Input Power Output Power Output Connection Product Model Setup Time Standby Power Consumption Voltage Out Water Ingress Protection Rating Weight Width AC Output Voltage Price
Solar Generator 3.5kVA 15A 12kWh 8.5 Hours Any (Up to 32A passthrough) 4.5kVA 32a 30mA RCBO Yes Yes Yes 0.680m 1.020m 3.5kVA 1 X 32 A CEE-Form, AC out Busbar, Powercon True 16A 3.5kVA 1 x 32A/1ph Plug and Socket CYGNUS 1 5 minutes 1.6W 230V AC IP54 680kg 0.580m N/A

Solar Generator 5kVA 21A 12kWh 8.5 hours Any (Up to 32A passthrough) 4.5kVA 32a 30mA RCBO Yes Yes Yes 1.25m 1.48m 5kVA N/A 5kVA 1 x 32A/1ph Plug and Socket CYGNUS 2 N/A 2.2w 230V AC N/A 680kg 0.898m 56A

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