400/125 Diesel Compressor Mwk50hr Rate

400/125 Diesel Compressor Mwk50hr Rate

Product Code: 43/0130-50HR

The “Dual Mode” offers a “two in one” solution, more operational flexibility as both pressure and flow can change. By pushing the button on the key pad, the operator can switch between “LO” (low pressure mode: rated pressure 7bar / free air delivery 12m³/min) and “HI” (high pressure mode: rated pressure 10.3bar / free air delivery 10.6m³/min). Fitted as standard with a bund, protecting the environment by capturing fluid spillage. Contains up to 110% of all on-board fluids and provides drains, centralised to the front panel. DEF level gauge has been added to the control panel. The 8 button key pad allows you to start/stop, load, select HI or LO pressure mode and scroll through the MidPort. The MidPort is an interactive digital display integrated in the tachometer. The display has 3 lines with up to 11 characters allowing access to the machine diagnostics.

Features and Benefits
  • Towable
  • Easily manoeuvrable

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