Venturi Air Mover c/w Earth Strap - 3in

Venturi Air Mover c/w Earth Strap - 3in

Product Code: 43/1405-h

Used in hazardous conditions to maintain constant air regeneration and ventilation.

Features and Benefits
  • The venture type uses air expanded to atmospheric pressure to induce a much larger flow of air.
Decibel Reading: dB[A] Vented Air
Diameter 188mm
Effective Working Pressure psi [Bar] 40 -100 (3-7)
Length 825mm
lifting beam required when loading lorry No
Max Air Consumption cfm [m3\min] 72 (122)
Max inlet flow 72cfm
Max Output Flow @ 100psi SCFM [m3\ph] 1860 (3160)
Max Output Flow @ 40psi SCFM [m3\ph] 1280 (2174)
Max Output Flow @ 60psi SCFM [m3\ph] 1530 (2600)
Maximum inlet pressure psi [bar] 100 (7)
Minimum Working Pressure psi [bar] 40 - 100 (3-7)
Recommended Ancillary Compressor, 3/4in Air Hose
Safe Working Pressure psi [bar] 100 (7)
Standard Air Connection 3/4in Q/R
Suitable for hazardous areas Yes

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