Air Line Whip Check 2in

Air Line Whip Check 2in

Product Code: 44/0124-h

These units are a wire rope device for attaching at all flexible air hose connection points to restrict hose whip should the hose connection fail.

Effective Working Pressure psi [Bar] Various Up To 350 (24)
Recommended Ancillary Air Hose
Product Comparison
Product Name Forklift Ports or Lifting Eyes lifting beam required when loading lorry Recommended Accessory Suitable for hazardous areas Effective Working Pressure psi [Bar] Recommended Ancillary Product Model Price
Water Separator Both No Hoses 2in Or 3/4in Options available N/A N/A N/A

Air Line Whip Check 2in N/A N/A N/A N/A Various Up To 350 (24) Air Hose N/A

Pressure Reducing Valve N/A No N/A Options Available N/A N/A R18

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