Fuel Tank 9000ltr - fPod®

Fuel Tank 9000ltr - fPod®

Product Code: 46/0144-h

The fPod® is a single refueling point for any site, servicing every fuel user and contractor. The service reduces vehicle movements and fuel containers on-site, with environmental, safety and cost benefits to all users. Fitted with an intelligent monitoring system and as part of our fuel management service, the tank is monitored and refilled to ensure constant fuel supply and productivity on site.

BIM ready Innovation Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • Reduction in spills, noise and traffic
  • Constant fuel supply
  • Quality control of fuel
  • Complete site fuel usage and sustainability reporting
  • Shared commercial benefits for all sub-contractors on site

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Height 2.5m
Width 2.3m
Weight Unladen 2750kg
Weight Laden 10850kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 9000ltr
Length 2.7m
Product Comparison
Product Name Height Width Weight Unladen Weight Laden Fuel Tank Capacity Length Weight empty Price
Fuel Tank 4700ltr 1.7m 1.52m 2000kg 6500kg 4700ltr 3.6m N/A

Fuel Tank 3000ltr 1.25m 1.59m 1070kg 3700kg 3000ltr 2.27m N/A

Fuel Tank 2000ltr 1.25m 1.13m 851kg 2650kg 2000ltr 2.58m N/A

Bunded Fuel Tank 1000ltr 1.25m 1.2m 576kg 1400kg 1000ltr 1.56m N/A

Bunded Fuel Tank 18000ltr - fPod® 2.5m 2.3m N/A 20700kg N/A 4.5m 4500kg

Fuel Tank 9000ltr - fPod® 2.5m 2.3m 2750kg 10850kg 9000ltr 2.7m N/A

Fuel Tank 5300ltr - fPod® 2.5m 1.2m 1430kg 5885kg 5300ltr 3m N/A

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