Western EBD4000 17266Ltrs Fpod

Western EBD4000 17266Ltrs Fpod

Product Code: 46/0160-h

The fPod® is a single refueling point for any site, servicing every fuel user and contractor. The service reduces vehicle movements and fuel containers on-site, with environmental, safety and cost benefits to all users. Fitted with an intelligent monitoring system and as part of our fuel management service, the tank is monitored and refilled to ensure constant fuel supply and productivity on site.

BIM ready Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • The full height cabinet can house pumps, reels, hoses, connections while also storing oil cans and other fuelling equipment
  • Lifting eyes for easy handling (empty only)
  • Top mounted fittings to prevent leakage of fuel
  • High security locking system to protect your liquid assets
  • Removable mesh floor for easy access to clean sump to catch any diesel drips
  • The cabinet spill sump contains any spills or drips. The tank is 110% bunded to comply with PPG2 Regulations
  • Tank supplied with bearers for easy placing in position and moving if required (when empty)
  • Manufactured to BS799 part 5 for above ground oil storage
Fuel Tank Capacity: Ltrs 17,266 [95%]
Height: mm 4,563
Laden Weight: kg 21,573
Length: mm 2,540
Type Static Tank
Unladen Weight: kg 3,398
Width: mm 2,300
Product Comparison
Product Name Fuel Tank Capacity: Ltrs Height: mm Laden Weight: kg Length: mm Unladen Weight: kg Width: mm Type Product Brand Product Model Price
Transcube 949L Bunded Fuel Tank 513Kg 949 1,325 1,451 1,151 513 1,151 N/A N/A N/A

£47.40 / week

Transcube 2091Ltrs Bunded Fuel Tank 2,091 1,324 2,952 2,294 830 1,152 Static Tank N/A N/A

£65.00 / week

Transcube 2980Ltrs Bunded Fuel Tank 2,980 1,323 3,976 2,296 1,021 1,546 Static Tank N/A N/A

£82.00 / week

Western EBD4000 17266Ltrs Fpod 17,266 [95%] 4,563 21,573 2,540 3,398 2,300 Static Tank N/A N/A

Fuel Bowser 1940Ltrs c/w Petrol Pump 1,940 1,277 2,735 [Inc Chassis: 3,810] 2,270 717 [Inc Chassis: 1,792] 1,416 Towable N/A N/A

Western Global DM22K-MC-NAUGHT 100L Kaddi Fuel Storage Tank 22Kg 100 1,100 22 640 N/A 640 N/A Western Global DM22K/MCN

£38.40 / week

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