VT Hybrid LED Lighting Tower

VT Hybrid LED Lighting Tower

Product Code: 48/0005-h

The VT Hybrid is the world’s 1st Hybrid Lighting Tower incorporating Hybrid Engine Technology and LED light heads which dramatically reduce running costs and noise output. The unit utilises modern LED lighting with an advanced battery system and light sensing technology.

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Features and Benefits
  • The VT Hybrid - is a lighting tower which utilises modern LED lighting with an advanced battery systems and auto light sensing technology. VT Hybrid features a hybrid battery/diesel system with auto charging technology. The set runs on 90% battery power and 10% fuel. The battery is automatically recharged via a low battery monitor system, combining 8-hours battery power and 8-hours generator usage.

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Weight 1.2t
Model VT Hybrid
Height 2.5m
Width Closed: 1.4m / Open: 2.47m
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 67
Voltage: V 240v
Sound Pressure Level 65dba at 7m
Fuel Tank Capacity 160ltr
Running Time 665hrs
Area Coverage_min Lux of 20 2500m²
Lamp Type Watts 4 x 150w LED
Power Output 5kva
Current 240v
IP Ratings 55
Length 3.45m
Fuel Diesel
Mast Height 9m
Frequency 50hz
Rotation 340 degrees
GO Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Yes
GO Noise Reduction Yes
GO Energy Saving 50%
GO Carbon Saving 0.79
GO Cost Saving £0.30

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