Beam Clamp 6t 203-457mm

Beam Clamp 6t 203-457mm

Product Code: 70/5418-h

Quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment. Suitable for pulling and lifting at angles across the beam. No SWL de-ration up to 90 degrees side loading and 15 degrees cross loading.

Beam Width 203-457mm
Safe Working Load 6t
Product Comparison
Product Name Beam Width Dimensions Product Model Safe Working Load WLL Weight Price
Beam Clamp Heavy Duty SWL 1T 75-195mm 75-195mm 75-195mm Bcf-0100 1t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp Heavy Duty SWL 2T 75-195mm 75-195mm 75-195mm Bcf-0200 2t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp Heavy Duty WLL 3T 100-350mm 100-350mm 100-350mm Bcf-0300 3t 3t N/A

Beam Clamp 3t 75-190mm 75-190mm N/A N/A 3t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp Heavy Duty WLL 5T 100-310mm 100-310mm 100-310mm Bcf-0500 5t 5t N/A

Beam Clamp 5t 75-190mm 75-190mm N/A N/A 5t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp 6t 203-457mm 203-457mm N/A N/A 6t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp - Adjustable - 10t SWL 203-457mm N/A TIGER 10t N/A 17.2kg

Beam Clamp 15t 203-457mm 203-457mm N/A S12 15t N/A 53.8kg

Beam Clamp - Adjustable - 20t SWL 203-457mm N/A SL15 20t N/A 93.2kg

203-457mm N/A N/A 25t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp - Adjustable - 30t SWL 203-457mm N/A S19 30t N/A 94.4kg

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