Beam Clamp 15t 203-457mm

Beam Clamp 15t 203-457mm

Product Code: 70/5425-h

Quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment. Suitable for pulling and lifting at angles across the beam. No SWL de-ration up to 90 degrees side loading and 15 degrees cross loading.

Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for attachment to steel beams as a semi permanent lifting point. The beam clamp is fitted with a screw spindle which allows easy adjustment and high clamping force to the various flange sizes within its capacity. Low headroom because of the built in suspension bar.
Beam Width 203-457mm
Product Model S12
Safe Working Load 15t
Weight 53.8kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Beam Width Dimensions Product Model Safe Working Load WLL Weight Price
Beam Clamp Heavy Duty SWL 1T 75-195mm 75-195mm 75-195mm Bcf-0100 1t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp Heavy Duty SWL 2T 75-195mm 75-195mm 75-195mm Bcf-0200 2t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp Heavy Duty WLL 3T 100-350mm 100-350mm 100-350mm Bcf-0300 3t 3t N/A

Beam Clamp 3t 75-190mm 75-190mm N/A N/A 3t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp Heavy Duty WLL 5T 100-310mm 100-310mm 100-310mm Bcf-0500 5t 5t N/A

Beam Clamp 5t 75-190mm 75-190mm N/A N/A 5t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp 6t 203-457mm 203-457mm N/A N/A 6t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp - Adjustable - 10t SWL 203-457mm N/A TIGER 10t N/A 17.2kg

Beam Clamp 15t 203-457mm 203-457mm N/A S12 15t N/A 53.8kg

Beam Clamp - Adjustable - 20t SWL 203-457mm N/A SL15 20t N/A 93.2kg

203-457mm N/A N/A 25t N/A N/A

Beam Clamp - Adjustable - 30t SWL 203-457mm N/A S19 30t N/A 94.4kg

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