Beam Trolley - Quick Release 3t SWL

Beam Trolley - Quick Release 3t SWL

Product Code: 70/5615-h

Lightweight, compact and versatile. Works in low head room applications. Quick to attach to beam.

Features and Benefits
  • No tools required and applied in seconds. Low headroom, overall factor of safety of 5 to 1. Every unit proof tested to 100% overload, i.e. 2 times rated capacity. Every unit issued with a signed Certificate of Test. Roller bearing wheels, guarding anti-drop plates.
Beam Width 50 - 200mm
Height 236
Product Model BT3
Safe Working Load 3t
Weight 28kg
Width 420mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Beam Width Height Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Width Price
Beam Trolley - Quick Release 1t SWL 50 - 200mm 155mm BT1 1t 6kg 270mm

Beam Trolley - Adjustable 2t SWL 50 - 200mm 211mm BT 2L 2t 7kg 420mm

Beam Trolley - Quick Release 3t SWL 50 - 200mm 236 BT3 3t 28kg 420mm

Beam Trolley - Adjustable 3t SWL 100 - 300mm N/A N/A 3t 30kg N/A

Beam Trolley - Quick Release 5t SWL 50 - 200mm N/A BT5 5t 35kg N/A

Beam Trolley - Quick Release 6t SWL 100 - 300mm N/A BT6 6t 36kg N/A

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