Beam Trolley - Quick Release 5t SWL

Beam Trolley - Quick Release 5t SWL

Product Code: 70/5625-h

Lightweight, compact and versatile. Works in low head room applications. Quick to attach to beam.

Features and Benefits
  • No tools required and applied in seconds. Low headroom, overall factor of safety of 5 to 1. Every unit proof tested to 100% overload, i.e. 2 times rated capacity. Every unit issued with a signed Certificate of Test. Roller bearing wheels, guarding anti-drop plates.
Beam Width 50 - 200mm
Product Model BT5
Safe Working Load 5t
Weight 35kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Beam Width Height Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Width Price
Beam Trolley - Quick Release 1t SWL 50 - 200mm 155mm BT1 1t 6kg 270mm

Beam Trolley - Adjustable 2t SWL 50 - 200mm 211mm BT 2L 2t 7kg 420mm

Beam Trolley - Quick Release 3t SWL 50 - 200mm 236 BT3 3t 28kg 420mm

Beam Trolley - Adjustable 3t SWL 100 - 300mm N/A N/A 3t 30kg N/A

Beam Trolley - Quick Release 5t SWL 50 - 200mm N/A BT5 5t 35kg N/A

Beam Trolley - Quick Release 6t SWL 100 - 300mm N/A BT6 6t 36kg N/A

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