Bumpa Hoist - 8m - Petrol 80kg SWL

Bumpa Hoist - 8m - Petrol 80kg SWL

Product Code: 71/5200-h

Carried on the roof of any small van, erected up and running in under 4 minutes. BUMPA’S capacity to clear a pallet of concrete blocks in under 1 minute or 1000 tiles in 25 minutes from single to storey lift and makes it a must for every roofer and builder. Regulations now state you must provide a mechanical means for handling repetitive heavy loads rather than relying on manual labour. BUMPA is proven to double your performance for half the effort, helping you to compete and comply.

Intelligent safety

Features and Benefits
  • The Bumpa is designed for the roofer. An ingenious tile lifter specially designed to move tiles and slates up to where they are needed quickly with the minimum of effort. This unit is reversible and can be used for the removal of roof tiles.
Safe Working Load 80kg
Length 8m
Power Supply Petrol
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Portable Transformer Length Power Supply Price
Bumpa Hoist - 8m - 110v 80kg SWL 103kg 80kg 3kw 8m 110v

Bumpa Hoist - 8m - Petrol 80kg SWL N/A 80kg N/A 8m Petrol

Bumpa Hoist - 10m - Petrol 80kg SWL 97kg 80kg N/A 10m Petrol

Bumpa Hoist - 10m - 110v 80kg SWL 119kg 80kg 3kw 10m 110v

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