Hoddi Hoist 5m - 110v 80kg SWL

Hoddi Hoist 5m - 110v 80kg SWL

Product Code: 71/5220-h

Fully reversible with remote stop/start. Fully portable, easily set up in 5 minutes. Hoddi is easily transported on any small van and comes complete with all attachments. No need for assembly.

Intelligent safety

Features and Benefits
  • The Hoddi Hoist 5m 110v is aimed at the builder as opposed to the roofer and caters for the 3 standard lifts in 2 storey home buildings. Bricks, blocks, slabs, mortar, lintels frames, stone, all can be transported with this hoist.
Length 5m
Portable Transformer 3kw
Power Supply 110v
Product Model N/A
Safe Working Load 80kg
Weight 87kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Length Portable Transformer Power Supply Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Price
Hoddi Hoist 5m - 110v 80kg SWL 5m 3kw 110v N/A 80kg 87kg

Hoddi Hoist 6m - 110v 6m N/A 110v N/A 80kg N/A

Hoddi Bucket N/A N/A N/A HH1 80kg 80kg

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