Concrete Skip - Tremmie - 1000ltr

Concrete Skip - Tremmie - 1000ltr

Product Code: 71/5555-h

A heavy duty concrete skip for pouring concrete into columns or narrow formwork and often where access is difficult.

Capacity 1000ltr
Depth 1.2m
Height 2.15m (2.75m inc. Bale arm)
Product Model CS210-1000
Safe Working Load 3t
Weight 380kg
Width 1.2m
Product Comparison
Product Name Capacity Depth Height Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Width Price
Concrete Skip - Tremmie - 500ltr 500ltr 1.05m 1.75m (2.2m inc. Bale arm) CS210-500 - 2+ QUANTITY 1.5t 290kg 1.05m

Concrete Skip - Tremmie - 1000ltr 1000ltr 1.2m 2.15m (2.75m inc. Bale arm) CS210-1000 3t 380kg 1.2m

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