Pallet Truck All Terrain Manual 1.5t SWL

Pallet Truck All Terrain Manual 1.5t SWL

Product Code: 71/5760-h

The perfect means of moving palletised loads over rough, uneven ground. Electric and petrol versions offer even more flexibility and make moving pallets over rough terrain even easier. Manual version not suitable for gradients.

Features and Benefits
  • Multi person handling.
Weight 170kg
Safe Working Load 1.5t
Height 800mm
Width 1.64m
Working Width 1.2m
Fork Length 890mm
Fork Width Adjustable
Length 1.43m
HOL 200mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Height Width Working Width Fork Length Fork Width Length HOL Price
Pallet Truck All Terrain Manual 1.5t SWL 170kg 1.5t 800mm 1.64m 1.2m 890mm Adjustable 1.43m 200mm

Pallet Truck All Terrain Electric 1.2t SWL 280kg 1.2t N/A N/A 1.2m 890mm Adjustable N/A 200mm

Don't Forget:

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Always use the correct PPE