Gas Bottle Trolley - Double All Terrain

Gas Bottle Trolley - Double All Terrain

Product Code: 71/5830-h

This sack truck has been specifically designed to suit full size Oxygen & Acetylene cylinders.

Intelligent safety

Features and Benefits
  • With adequate space for 2 no. 300mm diameter gas bottles, it incorporates handy chains to restrain the bottles whilst on the truck, both stationary and during transit. Also the central divider and design of the toe plate ensure that the two gas bottles do not hit each other whilst in transit. Fitted with large Pnuematic Tyres to tackle rough site ground conditions.
Weight 12kg
Safe Working Load 150kg
Model BT117/AT
Height 900mm
Length 640mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Capacity Height Width Wheels Length Price
Gas Bottle Trolley - Single 13kg 150kg 1 cylinder 1.04m 460mm N/A N/A

Gas Bottle Trolley Double (Small / Large) 12kg 150kg N/A 900mm 670mm 200mm 640mm

Gas Bottle Trolley - Double All Terrain 12kg 150kg N/A 900mm N/A N/A 640mm

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