Sack Truck 200kg SWL Pnuematic Tyre

Sack Truck 200kg SWL Pnuematic Tyre

Product Code: 71/5945-h

For loads too heavy to carry manually.

Intelligent safety

Features and Benefits
  • Made from strong tube and angle construction
  • Fitted with pnuematic wheels
  • Ideal for uneven surfaces.
Weight 18.74kg
Safe Working Load 200kg
Model BTSTK10
Height 1.22m
Width 480mm
Platform Height 316mm
Overall Height 1420mm
Shoe Length 240mm
Wheels 200mm
Platform Length 230mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Width Platform Height Overall Height Shoe Length Wheels Platform Length Height Length Price
Sack Truck 200kg SWL Solid Tyre 18.74kg 200kg 480mm 315mm 1220mm 230mm 200mm 230mm N/A N/A

Sack Truck 200kg SWL Pnuematic Tyre 18.74kg 200kg 480mm 316mm 1420mm 240mm 200mm 230mm 1.22m N/A

Sack Truck 200kg SWL Combination 18.74kg 200kg 480mm 317mm 1330m 160mm 200mm 230mm 1.22m 160mm

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