Stair Climber/Lorry Loader L1

Stair Climber/Lorry Loader L1

Product Code: 71/6007-h

Perfect for moving large cumbersome objects smoothly and easily up or down stairs.

Safe Working Load 295kg
Weight inc battery 45kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Height Width Weight inc battery Shoe Length Wheels Length Price
Stair Climber Manual 150kg SWL 15kg 150kg 1.11m 760mm 17kg 320mm 6x 140mm, rubber N/A

Stair Climber/Lorry Loader L1 N/A 295kg N/A N/A 45kg N/A N/A N/A

Stair Climber - Powered 310kg SWL 35kg 310kg 1.62m 380mm 40kg N/A 260 x 85 ball bearings N/A

Stair Climber - Powered 680kg SWL 75kg 680kg N/A 685mm 58kg 610 x 150mm soild 520mm

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