Skoots Pair 5t SWL

Skoots Pair 5t SWL

Product Code: 71/6075-h

Ideal for those heavy awkward objects, display cabinets, safes, filing cabinets, washing machines, etc. The wheels can swivel 360deg for easy manoeuvring. The weight is lifted by two hydraulic jacks, secured to the item by two ratchet straps which are supplied with the machine.

Height 1.11m
HOL 200mm
Length 375mm
Product Model SK5000
Safe Working Load 5t
Shoe Length 600mm
Weight 220kg(pair)
Wheels 150mm twin poly-tyre
Width 790mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Height HOL Length Product Model Safe Working Load Shoe Length Weight Wheels Width Price
Skoots Pair 2t SWL 1.24m 400mm 310mm SK2000 2t 380mm 97kg (pair) 125mm poly-tyre on twin cast iron wheel (top castors - 80mm single poly-tyre on aluminium wheel) 510mm

Skoots Pair 5t SWL 1.11m 200mm 375mm SK5000 5t 600mm 220kg(pair) 150mm twin poly-tyre 790mm

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