Machine Skates 50t (Set Of 4)

Machine Skates 50t (Set Of 4)

Product Code: 71/6175-h

Machine Skates 50t SWL Complete Set Boxed

Safe Working Load 50t
Product Comparison
Product Name Length Product Model Safe Working Load Height Weight Width Price
Machine Skates 20t SWL Complete Set Boxed Handles: 790mm, Spacer bars: 450mm DRS/20/2+2 20t N/A N/A N/A

Machine Skates 50t (Set Of 4) N/A N/A 50t N/A N/A N/A

Nylon Skates 6t SWL (Set Of 3) 679mm DB 1 6t 109mm 21kg 210mm

Nylon Skates 12t SWL (Set Of 3) 703mm DB 3 12t 110mm 52.5kg 614mm

Nylon Skates 20t SWL (Set Of 3) 703mm DB 4 20t 110mm 68.5kg 673mm

Nylon Skates 30t SWL (Set Of 3) 703mm DB 5 30t 110mm 80.5kg 990mm

Nylon Skates 100t SWL (Set Of 3) 670mm N/A 100t 175mm N/A 1.53m

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