Roller Crowbar 5t SWL

Roller Crowbar 5t SWL

Product Code: 71/6345-h

A safe and essential tool for storage depots, freight terminals, engineering shops, and factories. Ideal for lifting, shifting, & positioning of awkward loads

Features and Benefits
  • one piece steel forging for maximum strength, nylon wheels
Length 1.53m
Product Model D2/S
Safe Working Load 5t
Toe 80mm x 90mm
Weight 16kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Length Product Model Safe Working Load Toe Weight Price
Roller Crowbar 1.5t SWL 2m D1/N 1.5t 120mm x 90mm 13kg

Roller Crowbar 5t SWL 1.53m D2/S 5t 80mm x 90mm 16kg

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