Aero Go Skates 9.5t SWL 22mm

Aero Go Skates 9.5t SWL 22mm

Product Code: 71/6380-h

A flexible lifting and moving solution that literally floats the load on a cushion of air. Perfect for moving large heavy loads where traditional methods may not suit or where surface damage to floors is to be avoided. Contact your nearest lifting depot for a quotation to suit your exact requirements.

HOL 22mm
Length 384mm
Product Model 6K15NL
Safe Working Load 9.5t
Weight 70kg
Width 384mm
Product Comparison
Product Name HOL Length Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Width Price
Aero Go Skates 9.5t SWL 22mm 22mm 384mm 6K15NL 9.5t 70kg 384mm

Aero Go Skates 32.7t SWL 35mm 35mm 689mm 6K27NL 32.5t 182kg 689mm

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