Chain Sling 4.25t SWL 10mm 2 Leg x 3m

Chain Sling 4.25t SWL 10mm 2 Leg x 3m

Product Code: 72/5120-h

A versatile piece of Lifting Equipment which can be assembled to meet your own requirements. Assembled in different formations to suit most lifting application it enables you to choose the type of shortening device and hook type that will make the ideal sling for your lifting application.

Diameter 10mm
Legs 2
Length 3m
Safe Working Load 4.25t
Product Comparison
Product Name Diameter Legs Length Safe Working Load Product Model Price
Chain Sling 4.2t SWL 8mm 4 Leg x 3m 8mm 4 3m 4.2t N/A

Chain Sling 6.7t SWL 10mm 4 Leg x 3m 10mm 4 3m 6.7t William Hackett

Chain Sling 11.2t SWL 13mm 4 Leg x 3m 13mm 4 3m 11.2t William Hackett

Chain Sling 17t SWL 13mm 4 Leg x 3m 16mm 4 3m 17t N/A

Chain Sling 2t SWL 8mm Single Leg x 3m 8mm 1 3m 2t William Hackett

Chain Sling 3.15t SWL 10mm 1 Leg X 3m 10mm 1 3m 3.15t N/A

Chain Sling 5.3t SWL 13mm Single Leg x 3m 13mm 1 3m 5.3t A13.103.3G

Chain Sling 8t SWL 16mm Single Leg x 3m 16mm 1 3m 8t A16.103.3G

Chain Sling 11.5t SWL 20mm Single Leg x 3m 20mm 1 3m 11.5t N/A

Chain Sling 21.2t SWL 23mm Single Leg x 3m. 26mm 1 3m 21.2t N/A

Chain Sling 31.5t SWL 32mm Single Leg x 3m 32mm 1 3m 31.5t N/A

Chain Sling 2.8t SWL 8mm 2 Leg x 3m 8mm 2 3m 2.8t William Hackett

Chain Sling 4.25t SWL 10mm 2 Leg x 3m 10mm 2 3m 4.25t N/A

Chain Sling 7.5t SWL 13mm 2 Leg x 3m 13mm 2 3m 7.5t William Hackett

Chain Sling 11.2t SWL 16mm 2 Leg x 3m 16mm 2 3m 11.2t N/A

Chain Sling 17t SWL 20mm 2 Leg x 3m 20mm 2 3m 17t William Hackett

Chain Sling 21.2t SWL 22mm 2 Leg x 3m 22mm 2 3m 21.2t William Hackett

Chain Sling 30t SWL 26mm 2 Leg x 3m 26mm 2 3m 30t William Hackett

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