Product Code: 73/5147-h

The "packhorse" on two wheels for easy slab laying: small, light and exceptionally gentle on the back.

New Product

Features and Benefits
  • User friendly and handy device for seamless slab laying for optimal posture when working. Through the lever effect, even heavy slabs can be laid without great effort
  • The speical wheel design makes the EASYLIFT EL-SIMPLE extremely manouverable, solid design, indesctructible, collaspsible, thus speace-saving in transit
Weight 12kg
Safe Working Load 80kg
Model 5110.0017
Gripping Range 300-600mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Dimensions Jaw Width Gripping Range Reach Carrying Capacity Price
Concrete Step Handles TSV 250kg SWL 18kg 250kg Inside height 185mm / Gripper length 350mm 50 - 600mm 70-500mm N/A N/A

Concrete Step Handles TSZ 250kg SWL 29kg 600kg N/A N/A 50-600mm N/A N/A

Kerb Stone Clamp VZ-M - 250kg SWL 21kg 300kg N/A 910 - 1.09m 900-1065mm N/A N/A

Kerb Stone Handles - VZ1 100kg SWL 12kg 100kg Inside height 40mm / Gripper length 100mm 485 - 1045mm 50-1045mm N/A N/A

Kerb Stone Handles - BZ 150kg SWL 4kg 150kg Inside Height: 200mm / Gripper Length: 150mm 0 - 430mm 0-400mm N/A N/A

Universal Handles BVZ 200kg SWL 12kg 200kg Inside Height: 210mm / Gripper Length: 200mm 0 - 550mm 0-550mm N/A N/A

Paving Slab Extractor PZ 70kg SWL 6kg 70kg N/A N/A 200-610mm N/A N/A

Paving Block Extractor SZ 20kg SWL 4kg N/A N/A 90 - 330mm 90-330mm N/A N/A

Brick Carrier - KKT - Single Manual - 50kg SWL 1.5kg 50kg N/A N/A 400-670mm 400-670mm gripping range N/A

Profi Slab Handle PPH19/50 1.5kg 60kg N/A N/A 220-505MM N/A 60kg

EASY GRIP EXG-MAXI Border Stone Hurdle 15kg 600kg N/A N/A 0-400mm N/A N/A

EASYLIFT EL-SIMPLE 12kg 80kg N/A N/A 300-600mm N/A N/A

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