Stone Magnet - Vacuum Unit

Stone Magnet - Vacuum Unit

Product Code: 73/5500-h

Used either on its own lifted by a machine or in conjunction with its matching trolley, the stone magnet is a powerful lifting device for dense stone slabs. Specifically designed and equipped for heavy duty work. Ideal for repair or snagging work. The capacity is dependent upon the plate fitted – 200kg and 400kg options available.

Features and Benefits
  • Handy, powerful and cordless vacuum lifting device for laying of dense stone slabs, concrete elements, pipes and similar. Can be used on all kind of lifting equipment.
Weight 35kg
Safe Working Load 400kg
Model 52720002
Battery Voltage 12v
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Battery Voltage Price
Stone Magnet - Vacuum Unit 35kg 400kg 12v

SM-600 Vacuum Stone Magnet 49kg 600kg N/A

Stone Magnet - Trolley 150kg 150kg N/A

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