Manhole Cover Lifter 3t SWL - 4 Key

Manhole Cover Lifter 3t SWL - 4 Key

Product Code: 73/7010-h

Makes handling heavy covers safe and simple. Attaching and operating is quick and easy.

Features and Benefits
  • Can also be carried fully assembled in a van or large car boot and can also be disassembled quickly and easily to fit in smaller spaces.
Safe Working Load 3t
Model HML4
Product Comparison
Product Name Safe Working Load Breakout Force Size Weight Lifting Capacity Price
Manhole Cover Lifter 1.5t SWL - 2 Key 1.5t 1.5t N/A N/A N/A

Manhole Cover Lifter 3t SWL - 4 Key 3t N/A N/A N/A N/A

SDH-M-50 - Base Unit 2.4t 5t h700 x w500mm 17kg 2400kg

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