GP Cylinder 29t SWL 205mm Stroke 374mm Closed Height

GP Cylinder 29t SWL 205mm Stroke 374mm Closed Height

Product Code: 74/5110-h

Provides an excellent choice for maintenance, production, fabrication and construction applications. Provided with a collar thread and thread protector, cylinder base and piston rod mountings for easy fixturing.

Features and Benefits
  • Spring assisted return. Nitrocarburised piston rod. Low friction bearing surfaces. Anti-extrusion seals. Collar threads withstand full load. Collar thread protector supplied as standard.
Weight 18.6kg
Safe Working Load 29t
Model HSS308
Stroke Upto 205mm
Closed Height 374mm
Oil Capacity 860cm³
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Stroke Upto Closed Height Oil Capacity Price
GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 25mm Stroke 107mm Closed Height 1kg 4.5t 25mm 107mm 16cm³

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 50mm Stroke 132mm Closed Height 1.2kg 4.5t 50mm 132mm 32cm³

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 75mm Stroke 157mm Closed Height 1.4kg 4.5t 75mm 157mm 48cm³

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 125mm Stroke 207 mm Closed Height 1.8kg 4.5t 125mm 207mm 80cm³

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 176mm Stroke 258mm Closed Height 2kg 4.5t 176mm 258mm 113cm³

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 227mm Stroke 308mm Closed Height 2.4kg 4.5t 227mm 308mm 146cm³

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 25mm Stroke 100mm Closed Height 1.8kg 10t 25mm 100mm 36cm³

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 56mm Stroke 131mm Closed Height 2.4kg 10t 56mm 131mm 81cm³

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 100mm Stroke 175mm Closed Height 3kg 10t 100mm 175mm 144cm³

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 150mm Stroke 225mm Closed Height 4.2kg 10t 150mm 225mm 217cm³

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 206mm Stroke 281mm Closed Height 5kg 10t 206mm 281mm 297cm³

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 250mm Stroke 325mm Closed Height 5.4kg 10t 250mm 325mm 361cm³

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 305mm Stroke 379mm Closed Height 6.2kg 10t 305mm 379mm 440cm³

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 350mm Stroke 458mm Closed Height N/A 10t 350mm 458mm N/A

General Purpose Cylinder 14.5t SWL 50mm Stroke 3.4kg 14.5t 50mm 154mm 101cm³

General Purpose Cylinder 14.5t SWL 100mm Stroke 5kg 14.5t 100mm 204mm 203cm³

General Purpose Cylinder 14.5t SWL 150mm Stroke 6.6kg 14.5t 150mm 254mm 304cm³

General Purpose Cylinder 14.5t SWL 254mm Stroke 88kg 14.5t 250mm 354mm 507cm³

GP Cylinder 25t SWL 51mm Stroke 174mm Closed Height 6.5kg 25t 51mm 174mm 178cm³

GP Cylinder 25t SWL 102mm Stroke 225mm Closed Height 8kg 25t 102mm 225mm 356cm³

GP Cylinder 25t SWL 250mm Stroke 374mm Closed Height 12.6kg 25t 250mm 374mm 874cm³

GP Cylinder 29t SWL 205mm Stroke 374mm Closed Height 18.6kg 29t 205mm 374mm 860cm³

GP Cylinder 50t SWL 51mm Stroke 150mm Closed Height 13kg 50t 51mm 150mm 364cm³

GP Cylinder 50t SWL 102mm Stroke 201mm Closed Height 16.8kg 50t 102mm 201mm 728cm³

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