Hollow Cylinder 61t SWL 150mm Stroke 315mm Closed Height

Hollow Cylinder 61t SWL 150mm Stroke 315mm Closed Height

Product Code: 74/5245-h

Extremely versatile for use in tooling, maintenance and tensioning applications. Specifically designed with a hollow piston to enable a rod or cable to be passed through the entire cylinder length for applications where a pulling force is required. Used extensively in post-tensioning and pre-stressing applications as well as testing of various bonded or mechanical anchoring systems. Can also be used for general lifting applications, when fitted with readily available interchangeable hardened steel piston rod saddles.

Features and Benefits
  • Spring assisted return. Nitrocarburised piston rod. Low friction bearing surfaces. Anti-extrusion seals. Collar thread protector supplied as standard.
Closed Height 315mm
Oil Capacity 1285cm³
Product Model HHS606
Safe Working Load 61t
Stroke Upto 150mm
Weight 40.6kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Closed Height Oil Capacity Product Model Safe Working Load Stroke Upto Weight Price
Hollow Cylinder 11t SWL 50mm Stroke 140mm Closed Height 140mm 79cm³ HHS102 11t 50mm 3kg

Hollow Cylinder 23t SWL 50mm Stroke 160mm Closed Height 160mm 167cm³ HHS202 23t 50mm 7kg

Hollow Cylinder 23t SWL 150mm Stroke 306mm Closed Height 306mm 500cm³ HHS206 23t 150mm 13.8kg

Hollow Cylinder 33t SWL 50mm Stroke 165mm Closed Height 165mm 233cm³ HHS302 33t 50mm 10.6kg

Hollow Cylinder 33t SWL 152mm Stroke 320mm Closed Height 320mm 710cm³ HHS306 33t 152mm 19.2kg

Hollow Cylinder 61t SWL 76mm Stroke 226mm Closed Height 226mm 651cm³ HHS603 61t 76mm 28kg

Hollow Cylinder 61t SWL 150mm Stroke 315mm Closed Height 315mm 1285cm³ HHS606 61t 150mm 40.6kg

Hollow Cylinder 102t SWL 76mm Stroke 276mm Closed Height 276mm 1088cm³ HHS1003 102t 76mm 64kg

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