Compressive Load Cell - 200t SWL

Compressive Load Cell - 200t SWL

Product Code: 76/5720-h

A range of compressive load cells completed with hand held read outs.

Features and Benefits
  • Manufactured using high grade stainless steel, these loadcells are particularly suited to rugged environments and the Hire Industry amongst others.
Product Model 200tStdCompressive
Safe Working Load 200t
Product Comparison
Product Name Product Model Safe Working Load Price
Compressive Load Cell - 5t SWL 5tStdCompressive 5t

Compressive Load Cell - 20t SWL 20tStdCompressive 20t

Compressive Load Cell - 50t SWL 50tStdCompressive 50t

Compressive Load Cell - 100t SWL 100tStdCompressive 100t

Compressive Load Cell - 200t SWL 200tStdCompressive 200t

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